• 5 days Wildlife Safari

    Enjoy a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel at Queen Elizabeth National Park

This safari takes you to two National Game parks of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park to view game and birds. You will meet game like the rare tree climbing lions,Elephants, leopards, Buffaloes, Giraffes,Hippos and several antelopes. You will also have an exciting launch cruise on the Kazinga channel at Queen Elizabeth National Park and on the great river Nile where you will marvel at the magnificent falls form as the great wide Nile is squeezed to only seven meters through a gorge producing a thunderous cascade.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park

The expedition begins early morning in Kampala heading south to the equator where you will have a stopover and enjoy the experience of being in  two hemispheres at the same time. Take some photographs and continue through a savannah grass land to Mbararatown  and continue through beautiful hills and Kyambura gorge of Bushenyi, cross the kazinga Chanel the umbilical  cord connecting Lake George and L. Edward  and you are in QENP.  Checkin to Mweya Safari Lodge

Day 2: Game Drive

Embark on a game drive very early in the morning  to encounter predators returning to their hideouts or launching attacks on their pray. You will most likely see Lions, Hyenas, Buffaloes , Elephants, Hipos, solitary leopard, Giant forest hog,  and off course the Warthogs. You may also meet some primates. Return to the lodge and relax for a few hours. In the afternoon you will take a boat launch along the Kazinga channel the umbilical cord joining lakes Edward and George. This is an exciting experience with huff spary of hipos triggering your adrenaline. You will view an array of birds such as pink backed pelican, pied, kingfisher, Saddle billed stork etc  and other animals like water bucks water baffulloes  and in rare ocations leopards. This boat ride will end with a spectacular view of setting sun on a good day. You will the return to the lodge for dinner and serene good night sleep.

Day 3: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

After breakfast you depart through the northern route which takes you to the breath taking crater lakes. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of QENP.  Proceed to Murchison falls National Park and check-in to Paara Safari lodge or Sambiya River lodge.

Murchison National Park is the biggest park in Uganda covering an area of 3840km2 traversed by the great river nile which divides the park into northern and southern sectors. At these point the wide river nile is forced through a rock gorge of just seven metres wide and cascades into huge falls 44 meters down  the valley with thundering roar crowned by a beautiful rainbow.


Day 4 Game Drive and Launch Cruise

Have an early breakfast and setoff for a game drive. Look out for herds of elephants, Waterbucks, lions, giraffes, Buffalos,  leopards, Kobs, antelopes and array of birds. Return to the lodge for lunch and have some few hours of relaxation.

In the afternoon take a launch cruise on the Nile. The cruise trip will give you the opportunity to view various animals at close range. You will meet Crocodiles, school of hippos, buffalos, Waterbucks antelopes and several bird species such as the fish eagle, Shoebill, cormorants, skimmers, Herons and Kingfishers. The trip climax is at the bottom of the falls where you will marvel at the spectacular thunderous roar of cascades falling over 44 metres. Return to the lodge after about four hours

Day 5: Return journey to Kampala

In the morning start the journey back to Kampala. Drive through Budongo forest and spend some time tracking primates and continue to Kampala. Check-in to your hotel.