• Queen Elizabeth N.P

    Uganda's most popular tourist destination

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. It was founded in 1952 as Kazinga National Park and was renamed after Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her visit.
Its diverse ecosystem which includes sprawling savannah, humid forests sparkling lakes and fertile wetlands makes it a superb habitat for classic big game and about a dozen primate species.
Situated against the backdrop of the panoramic Rwenzori Mountain range, the park is graced with dozens of crater lakes carved into rolling green hills with panoramic views of Kazinga channel connecting Lake George and Edward like an umbilical cord with its shores queued with hippos, buffalos, waterbucks and numerous birds. The Ishasha fig trees offer dens and vantage pointsfor the unique tree climbing lions to spot and pounce on unsuspecting herds of Kobs

Conservation importance: The park is a world bio-sphere reserve (UNESCO 1979) that includes a RAMSAR wetland site and is classified as an Important Bird Area(IBA) by Birdlife International.

Size: The park covers an area of 1,978km2 situated astride the equator in south west Uganda.

Species Diversity: Has an animal checklist of 66, and a bird list of 56 of Uganda’s 1,027species of birds. Habitats: open grassland with thickets, thick bush, forest, swamps and lake shore. The park lies on the base of rift valley between Lake Edward and Lake George.

Tourist Activities: Launch trips along the Kazinga channel to the shores of Lake Edward, Birding,Chimpanzee tracking at Kyambura Gorge, Game Drives, Hiking/nature walks, Cultural heritage & nature trail and wildlife research tour.