• birding Safari in the North & East


Highlights of the different birding locations in the North & East
Murchison Falls National Park

The largest park in Uganda; supports over 650 species of birds, 87 mammals and 14 reptiles. A lot of water birds are the common sights. Bird species range from savannah, forest, water to Albertine endemic birds.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Uganda’s third largest park. It has bird life of over 465 species and the only place you find the Ostrich & Kori Bustard n Uganda. It’s a home to 80 mammals 28 of which are not known to occur in any other Ugandan park including the Cheetah-fastest animal on land, Beisa, Dikdik, Oribi etc

Mount Elgon National Park

Offers host to over 300 bird species including the endangered Lammergeier  and African Goshawk. It supports a rich variety of vegetation from mountain forest to high open moorland naturally decorated with the giant lobelia & groundsel plants.

Mabira forest

Hosts  a large number of bird species and some primates