• Kibale National Park

    Enjoy walks along forest trails

Conservation importance: An evergreen rain-forest National park whose mammal fauna is dominated by primates, 13 species of which live in the forest. It protects populations of chimpanzees elephants leopards bush pigs three species of duikers and two species of otters several species of African monkeys including the Grey-Cheeked Mangabey, Red Columbus Monkey and L’Hoest’s Monkeys. Upto 335 species of birds have been recorded including African Grey Parrot, Hornbill, breasted and the African Pitta

Size: The park covers 776km2 of rain-forest, swamps, rivers and few areas of grassland.

Tourist Activity: Tracking of habituated families of chimpanzees and forest nature walks . With well developed forest trails, tourists spend countless hours exploring several kilometers of forest watching birds, butterflies, looking for rare chameleons, snakes, trees, flowering plants etc. Night guided walks are also offered.