• Lake Mburo National Park

    Wetlands home to many water animals

Conservation importance: Its diverse habitats of open savannah dry savannah, lakes, swamps, forests, thickets rocky outcrops and dry hillsides are a home to a diversity of plants and animals with a record of 68 mammals – impala slender mongoose and bush rat are found in this area. Once a home to Hunting dogs, Black Rhinos, Giant forest hogs and elephants that have become extinct in the area since 1940s.

Size: At 260km2 the park is Uganda’s second smallest park after Mgahinga

Tourist Attraction: Common mammals – Zebras, Impalas, Warthogs, Buffalo, Waterbucks and Bushbuck. The 6 lakes, largest being L.Mburo, are all connected by swamps . These wetlands are a home to sitatunga, hippos, Nile Crocodiles fish and a lot of birds including rare African finfoot. Much of the park can be accessed on land by game drive tracks, nature walks around swamps and animal salt licks , or by boat on water.