Designated World heritage site for gorilla tracking

Conservation importance: A UNESCO – designated World heritage site that protects many endemic & endangered species most especially the mountain gorillas.

Size: 331 km2 of jungle containing both mountain and lowland forest, only accessible on foot
Species Diversity: Comprises of 120 species of mammals, 346 species of birds, 202 species butterflies, 163 species of trees, 100 species of ferns, 27 species of frogs, chameleons and geckos many of which are endemic.

Tourism Attractions: The Gorilla tracking is the major tourist activity. With 9 groups of habituated gorilla families and 8 tourists booked per group, 72 tourist can go tracking gorillas per day. Advance booking is always advisable, 6 month in advance. With more than 340 bird species, this park is also a paradise for birders, for albertine rift endemic birds includes the Short-tailed warbles White-tailed Blue Monarch. Forest guided walks are available for those interested in the ecology of the park.