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Semuliki National Park stretches across the floor of Semuliki rift valley on the western side of the Rwenzori. It is an extension of the vast great Ituri forest of the Congo Basin. Most of the features in this park are associated with those of central Africa. It is therefore of different nature from the Eastern Africa characteristic and offers a taste of Central Africa without having to leave Uganda.The local population includes the famous Batwa pygmy community which originated from the Ituri forest

Conservation Importance: This park protects arrange of flora and fauna; home to an array of rare bird species including the endangered magnificent Shoe Bill, Bushbabies and pygmy Hippos

Tourist Attractions: 
Semuliki is Birders haven, Hiking &Nature walks, Game Drives, Hot Springs which can be used to cook, Cultural encounters and trails with the Batwa whose lifestyle is of hunter-gather, meaning that they have always been dependent on the forest for food, shelter, medicine and tools.