• 11 Days Kidepo Valley

    Enjoy one of the most amazing adventure

This is a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park which is one of the wildest place in Africa covering 1,442 Km2 and protects over 80 species of mammals 28 of which are not known to occur in any other park in Uganda. It is also a haven of 475 bird species.It is situated in the great eastern rift valley bordering South Sudan and Kenya and rated as one of the finest and magnificent wilderness parks in Africa. The safari will also take you to the source of the Nile the longest river in the world, to Mount Elgon National Park and Pianupe Game reserve. It is one of the most amazing adventure safaris.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1:  Travel To Jinja

Early Morning you will be picked from your hotel by a guide who will also give you a briefing of your safari and you depart for Jinja, have stopover at Mabira Forest and continue to Jinja visit the source of the Nile and proceed for Rafting.  Stay over at Jinja Resort.

Day 2: Travel to Mbale

After breakfast travel to Mbale check-in to Mt Elgon Hotel or MbaleResort continue to Mt Elgon National pack. Look out for elephants, Buffalos, Primates, special flora and a variety of birds including the endangered Lammergeyer and African Goshawk. You will also visit the Sipi waterfalls, gorges, hot springs, ancient rock paintings, large caves where elephants and buffaloes frequent to lick natural salts. Retreat to your hotel

Day 3: Drive to PianUpe Game Reserve

In the morning drive to PianUpe Game reserve, have a game drive, look out for animals like Kudu, roan antelopes, Zebras  and a number of bird species including the ostrich, visit the Karamojong  communities and thereafter check-in to Mt Moroto hotel  for a night.

Day 4: Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park

You will have your breakfast early enough and setoff to Kidepo.  Due to the condition of the road the journey will take most part of the day and arriving in the evening. Check-in at Apoka Lodge.

Day 5: Game Drive

Have an early game drive to the Narus Valley which is a magnet to huge numbers of amimals, elephants, buffalos, lions, beasts , cheaters, Zebras etc  almost all animals congregate here during dry season you will be intrigued to watch how “balance of power” shifts  amongst animals and within species.  Back to the lodge

Day 6: Game Drive

Drive towards the South Sudan boarder where you will be able to see large numbers of ostriches and the rare bustard bird. This area is known as Maji Moto meaning hot water. The name bepicts the hot water springs found here. It is also a pefect place to view the cheetah-fastest animal on land, lions and solitary leopards. At this point Uganda South Sudan and Kenya Share a boarder. Return to the lodge to relax.

Day 7: Game Drive

Embark on game drive and visit the local communities. You will have village walks and experience the life style in the Manyatas . Return to the lodge to relax

Day 8: Tranfer to Masindi

Early morning after  breakfast  setoff to Masindi  check-in to Masindi hotel

Day 9: Tracking Primates

 After breakfast drive to Budongo forest for chimpanzee tracking  and Proceed to ZiwaRino sanctuary for Rhino tracking thereafter  connect to Kampala  to your hotel

Day 10: City Tour

Take a tour around Kampala city, do some shopping, entertainment

Day 11: Transfer to the Airport

This will mark the end of your wildest safari 

and you will be transferred to the airport to catch your plane.