• Car Hire

    For a comfortable and Safe drive to your destinations

Car Hire

Geodel Safaris car rental services are renowned for meticulously maintained vehicles and quality service. We offer a wide range of cars, 4WDs and mini buses as well as commercial vehicles.
Our car hire fleet is constantly being updated to ensure you enjoy the best in comfort and safety. Geodel always offer customers a great rate and special deals to ensure you drive your money.
Do you want a self-drive or would you like to be driven by our professional chauffeur? The choice is yours. We will ensure that our clients get their preference. GeodelSa has a variety of vehicles to choose from ranging from Land Cruisers 4x4s, Specialized SUVs to Mini buses, Coasters and Buses.
Our vehicles are well serviced and insured to make sure that you have comfort and a safe drive to your destination.
Book a car with us at least a week in advance.